Hola, Amigo.

Latino fancy hat and business casual dress chihuahua.


Sketched Chihuahua Heathered Sweatshirt: $17.80

Adorable contradictions – he is full of them!

His mustache – it sparkles!


His tie – muy sensible!

His hat? Que Rico. His gaze?



Forever 21, Que Paso, Chingado?


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4 Responses to Hola, Amigo.

  1. Mina

    This is exactly what I think of when I’m trying to find a symbol to represent my culture.

  2. administrator

    Right? I think they missed an opportunity with the hat. Should have been a big ass sombrero.

  3. Mina

    A sombrero would have made the entire “look” beyond legit, lol.

  4. ireliux

    LOL! I want it!!!!!!!!!!! soooooo baaaaad…

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