Heart Marks the Spot

Let me tell you all a little about the art of subtlety.


Jumbo Heart G-String: $3.80

This? This is not it.

They might as well put a big cookie on her crotch or maybe just a straight up picture of a birth canal.

Forever 21, I See What you Did There.


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9 Responses to Heart Marks the Spot

  1. Kelly

    If this was aimed at adults I wouldn’t see so much of a problem with it, but Forever 21 is so full of preteens and teens this is just wrong.

  2. Lauren

    This is nothing compared to what Victoria’s Secret sells (and I should know, I work there)!

  3. Sheila

    @Lauren, I bought a VS pink thong from the Outlet in Orlando and it had a big diamond on the crotch.

  4. Emma

    @Lauren @Sheila For some wierd reason, I now want to see this thong so I can laugh at it!

  5. Estella

    yeah VS has risque things but it a lingerie store for adult women,its expected.This a clothing store that def sells to a young audience.Also u can see her darn private parts n a pink heart focusing on that area is such a subliminal mindf***.

  6. sea hag

    Personally, I would love to have cookies shoot from my crotch.

  7. Lori

    Cheap at even twice the price. For serious.

  8. rachel londer

    I think its cute!!!
    I dont understand the big deal…

  9. Tori

    I can literally see every. fucking. outline. of her meaty bits and I think I just threw up a bit. Literally, nothing is left to the imagination here. At all. I am appalled. They can photoshop a models legs the size of a goddamn toothpick, but they can’t give this poor model the decency to do something so the whole world doesn’t know what her ham sandwich looks like? Or maybe she wanted everyone to know, after all, she is displaying a rather welcoming graphic on what’s left of these panties…

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