Happy Veteran’s Day




Gathered Military Jacket: $37.80

And right around Veteran’s Day. The shame.

Let’s hope the General of Gathered Fabric’s uniform doesn’t catch on. So much wrong with this. It’s like the ugliest prom dress in the world and the worst version of military inspired jackets fucked, had a baby and then let it be raised by polyester wolves its whole life.

Forever 21, WTF?


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7 Responses to Happy Veteran’s Day

  1. Estella

    u know in some sort of sick twisted way,i kinda like it.must be the army brat in me!;-)

  2. I actually kind of like this though not in a conventional way. I think it would make a great statement piece for a Steampunk or Pirate inspired costume. I bought a bustle shirt that kind of looks similar to this jacket for double the price for a costume I made. I wish this had come out sooner.

  3. Anonymous

    This could possibly be cute, with some editing, it could have been cute. Plus that dress totally doesn’t go with it at all.

  4. Alyssa

    I agree with Samantha. Good for a steampunk or pirate costume.

  5. administrator

    Oh yes, lots of things Forever 21 makes are great for costumes. But this is not a costume, ladies. They make this to be worn in the real world. Out. Where people are. To like, work and shit.

  6. administrator

    Estella – to each her own. I just can’t stand pick ups and then the padded shoulders and then the military stuff. Too much for me.

  7. I dig it, dude. And not as a costume. Then again, when I was like 11 I wanted cyber-goth-esque dreads.

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