Glory of the 1800s


High Waist Overalls: $22.90

Forever 21, Dirty Pool, Old Man. Dirty Pool.


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12 Responses to Glory of the 1800s

  1. Great! “Quite loose betwixt the buttocks.”

  2. Actual, actual brilliance. Gadzooks!

  3. too funny, please never stop!

  4. administrator

    Thanks Luxie! This post was inspired by Kate Beaton, my favorite web comic writer. She does comical history stuff in this type of illustration style.

  5. administrator

    By jove, plenty of room for your pocket watch and money purse!

  6. administrator

    I’ll try not to!

  7. tinyb

    I actually LOVE these pants (if they didn’t have the overall part which to me just looks like thin string). These types of pants are very popular in europe for the past two years as well. I think forever 21 is just butchering the trend a bit, those pants need structure!

  8. administrator

    tinyb – that’s the real tragedy, isn’t it? Forever 21 has either not the time or the will to do a trend well, they put out so much stock.

  9. This was epic.

    Bare ankles! Such harlotry!!

  10. administrator

    Hersteria – Ankles, out, exposed for all to see. I get hot just thinking about those suspenders.

  11. Rose

    When I first saw these pants I thought, “Who on earth would ever wear those?” I gave Forever 21 the benefit of the doubt since Halloween was fast approaching, reasoning they were probably reaching out to their railway professioned and old paper boy clientele. So I bought a pair for a one time use costume even if I was dissatisfied with the way I looked when I tried them on in the fitting room. After going home and trying to ignore the fact that I bought something for $20+ dollars that I was never going to wear, I thought of giving them a second chance. Low and behold they are wonderful and I am glad I have ever pitied them in the first place.

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