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It’s a hard fact of life that there are some things just too hot, too hilarious, too sexy and too plain WTF for social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

A few weeks ago when Facebook censored my camel toe crotch shots from Forever 21, it dawned on me that banter and bullshitting this out of control needs a private forum.

THUS, I’ve partnered with to bring you the Members only world of WTForever 21!


And because I like to reward naughty behavior (take THAT, Santa), I’m also hosting an exclusive giveaway on for Members only.

1. Just sign up for (it’s free)
2. and follow me (Rachel Kane).

Here’s the free swag up for grabs!


Express Metallic Mesh Ruched Wristlet


Sequin Open Stitch Infinity Scarf

The deadline for entries on this members only free giveaway is 12am EST on Friday, December 9.

I look forward to seeing you in the Members only WTForever 21 community on I’ll be sharing my interactive timeline and map of both reader WTF and my own pics, videos and posts deemed too awesome for the the non-private world.

It’s kind of like those Jerry Springer tapes they sell that are Too Hot for TV and feature a lot of “You ARE the father” break dancing sessions, followed by ladies ripping off each other’s earrings and weaves.

But only free and much, much funnier.



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10 Responses to GIVEAWAY: Members Only on

  1. PtiteMeve

    Thanks for this giveaway :)

  2. administrator

    It’s truly my pleasure!

  3. Katie

    Just signed up – looking forward to more hilarity

  4. administrator

    Yay, Katie! I’m hoping you guys all bring your own personal WTF to the Members only side.

  5. Done and Done. Not that I need ANOTHER social networking site. But sweet Rachel, I would follow you anywhere. And that clutch is rad. :)

  6. administrator

    Aw, Kathleen. You are the bomb! You might just like Intersect, though. It’s great if you’re into scrap booking or if you’re trying to organize your photos.

  7. Jennifer

    created and following! <3

  8. Jayeme

    Ooooh I love the wristlet. Following you on intersect :)

  9. Chardae

    Consider it done. I love that bag. I would live in that bag just sayin.

  10. Linda Yan

    I created an Intersect account and follow you as Linda Y. Thanks for doing this giveaway!

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