GIVEAWAY: Free Cat Costume (Kind of)

I’m sure you all remember the cat suit I wore in one of Le Costume posts here which feature Forever 21 clothes that could easily be worn as Halloween costumes. Well, just in time for Halloween, I’ve decided to raffle off the suit (brand new – NOT the actual suit I wore. That would be … weird. But if you’d like me to put it on before I send it, that can be arranged, you sick, sick person.) to one lucky reader!

Lace Leopard Jacket: $19.80 (size L)

Lace Leopard Leggings: $13.80 (size L)

All you’ll need is some fuzzy ears and a tail – BAM! Cat Lady Halloween costume (the good kind).

All you have to do to put yourself in the running for this Halloween costume is leave a comment on this post (make sure to include your email in the form so I can get a hold of you for your mailing address later) and tell us all a story about your favorite Halloween costume, EVER!

PLEASE, try to remember to place your email in the form as I want to get this to the winner in AMPLE time for them to wear it on Halloween. I purchased both in large because I figured the stretchy material will form to fit whatever size and certainly won’t be baggy on a size small.

I’ll select a winner next Tuesday at midnight, 10/5!



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44 Responses to GIVEAWAY: Free Cat Costume (Kind of)

  1. Meve

    Haha, this is sooo funny! I need to have this LOL
    I was actually looking for an halloween costume, so this is PUrrrrfect ;)

  2. Annie Tessier


  3. Meg

    That is awesome!!! Love it.


  4. Jamie Ehrenpreis

    I love it!! Pick meeeeow!

  5. elisa

    My fave costume ever was Blackbeard’s daughter. I wore my brother’s old pirate costume with some fake tattoo scabs my mom purchased from CVS. I had a small plastic sword and large black boots that my sister loaned me from Forever 21-black leather & belted at the ankles. My dad was Blackbeard and we terrorized the neighborhood collecting all the candy plus $10 from his old boss. Score!

  6. You had me at FREE. My favorite costume was dressing as an informercial – snuggie and a bumpit. DONE. And everyone who chose to dress slutty was jealous of my warmth (and hair height, obvi).

  7. Luciana Ruzzier

    My favorite halloween costume ever was dressing like Esmerelda. This suit could help me from dressing like a feisty lady for halloween to just fierce.

    p.s. plus i am in love with animal print and animals in general

  8. Kathleen N.

    My favorite Halloween costume ever is a costume that has yet to grace my body. It is the costume of MY DREAMS. Head to toe leopard print which I will pair with tastefully painted on nose and whiskers and a cat ear headband which I will cock to the side to let everyone know what a true playa I am in this beautiful tracksuit. I will prance around my neighborhood on Halloween night, Courtney Stodden style while channeling her sensuous ways….MEOW! So what if I am being followed by my three daughters? They will be able to look at me and see what a truly liberated and confident woman looks like. And laugh probably.


    My favorite costume was a guy who dressed up like the sham-wow guy. His girlfriend played the role of the beat up hooker.

  10. Ruthanne

    Anything lada gaga wears, ever. Probably the meat…
    Saintruthanne at hotmail dot com

  11. Blair B.

    My favorite halloween costume was one that my mom wore when I was in elementary school. During halloween in elementary school, we would all dress up and do a walk around the school for whatever cause we were supporting that year. I think I was a cheerleader (lame, I know), and my mom showed up as an old lady. She went as far as to draw wrinkles on her face and put caps over some of her teeth. The best part of the costume though, was her stuffed butt. She stuffed pillow stuffing into her panty hose so she would have a big saggy butt like some old ladies do! But I haven’t told the best part of the story: she said to a fellow mother at the walk, “OMG! Your saggy butt looks so much better (in an old lady way) than mine! What did you use?”. The fellow mother’s response? “I’m not dressed up as an old lady and my butt isn’t stuffed with anything…”.
    I think an (embarrassed) old lady with a stuffed, saggy butt is the best halloween costume EVER. And I love my mom!!

  12. Stephanie

    Your post about that outfit was so funny. I need a Halloween costume, so this could work!

  13. Bianca

    MUST HAVEEEE. my favorite halloween was when I was Buffy and dressed in all black and carried around a stake. It was badass

  14. Sarah H.

    My favorite Halloween costume ever was the costume I wore last year, when I dressed as KE$HA.

    Where did the majority of the costume come from? You guessed it–Forever21. I found the perfect fur vest, trashy denim shorts, and feather earrings to go with a Jack Daniels tee and fishnets.

    All that was left was to cover my body in glitter and find the most tangled, nasty blonde wig I could find.

    The best part of the entire experience is that when I made my purchase at Forever21, the sales girl loved the fur vest and thought that I was purchasing it as a legitimate part of my wardrobe!

  15. Shelley

    I think my favorite Halloween costume was my brother’s friend who went as “girl gone wild”. She wore a bandeau top and tiny shorts with “censored” lettered across the butt, crotch and boobs.

  16. Chandra

    My favorite Halloween costume was a sqaure dancing outfit that I wore from 4th gread to 8th grade. It was yello and brown and awful, but I adored it.

  17. Selina

    My favorite Halloween costume was one I wore myself in the 6th grade. I went as a punk rocker. I dyed my hair different colors (those damn colored hair mousses made hair look like a helmet), wore black madonna-esque bracelets, fishnets, a short black skirt and an electric blue sweater. When I got to school (this was the 90s…) people kept asking me if I was Julia Roberts “before”… Oh kids, you were so cruel! I balked, “I’m NOT a hooker! I am a punk rocker!” But nonetheless, I rocked my Halloween outfit out! If I win — in my head I will be a cool leopard in this outfit, but in other people’s heads I will be Snookie (I am short, tanned and have long black hair). Dual Halloween outfits for the win?! LOL

    cascadingstar at gmail dot com

  18. Nanticha

    My favorite costume was when all of us got really drunk and decided to make jello molds for our failing limbs. We got our creative juices flowing (and the copious amounts of alcohol) and poured different flavors of instant jello and water into several buckets. We then drunkenly wandered outside in our booty shorts and tank tops and sat in the freezing cold and waited for the jello to harden while dipping our legs and arms in the delicious substance. As the jello solidified, we pulled our limbs out, and volia, we were the sexy jello creatures of the night.

    (we all caught pneumonia after this.)

  19. neek

    haha my favourite halloween costume was the YELLOW power ranger! & no I did not wear it as a child haha I wore it in HIGH SCHOOL. it was awsomee!! B-)

  20. Hannah

    I really need a costume, and I adore this. It would be hilarious. My favorite costume was when I was Tinkerbell like three years in a row when I was little. I loved my little green costume with the tutu. I wore it on non-Halloween days, too. Why don’t they make Tinkerbell costumes for grown-ups? F21 should get on that.

  21. Kel DeVaney

    Awesome idea!

    May favorite Halloween costume was the year I was a unicorn. I was 7 and had the flu so my mom wouldn’t let me go out in the flimsy costume we had bought a month before. So she got the last thing at Target – a unicorn horn headband and a ton of glitter. She convinced me to wear warm white sweats and lots of layers underneath by covering it and my face and hair in glitter and sticking a unicorn horn on my head :-p

  22. EllaJae

    My favorite costume ever was the female version of Captain Jack Sparrow! I had gotten a real corset from a renassance fair, and I wore it with a red skirt and a very long puffy-sleeved shirt. the completed look was flawless, I was so proud!

    hopefully I make a good catwoman!

  23. Cindy

    My favorite Halloween costume was the year I dressed up as a cow. My mom made the entire outfit for me and everything was made of out fleece so it was super warm and comfy. I actually wore it on the bus to school. All day long I had random people hugging me and it was kind of weird. I guess this is how the characters at Disney World feel, haha.

  24. Mina

    I would dig a free Halloween costume.

  25. Anne

    My favorite costume was when I dressed as Professor Chaos complete with snuggie cape and foil helmet. My roommate joined me as General Disarray. I was so warm all night while all the slutty kittens/cops/referees/pirates/whatnot froze their asses off. Success!

  26. Julie S

    My best friends and I went as child pageant stars last year, it was fantastic! We went to a thrift store and bought 80′s prom dresses, yards and yards of tulle to make tutus to wear underneath at the craft store next door, then tons of bedazzlements like pearls and whatnot. Compete with the hair, white shoes with ruffles and the walk, we were ultimate grand supreme worthy.

  27. Karoline

    My fav halloween costume was when I got to be a glowstick! Me and my friend bought all white clothes (shirt, pants, beanie, etc.) and covered it all in glow in the dark paint. It looked awesome, and we totally glowed!!

  28. administrator

    Karoline – I don’t need the email in the comment. Just in the filled out form when you leave one!

  29. Last year I went to bartending school and learned how to make a shooter called liquid heroin: equal parts Jaeger, vodka, tequila, Bacardi 151, Goldschlager, and peppermint schnaps. For Halloween, 5 friends and I dressed up as Liquid Herion. We were each a different type of alcohol and printed labels to stick on the front of our costumes so that we looked like the bottles… and we each bought a bottle of what we were, to have with us (and to drink). I actually got all my clothes for it at Forever 21 which was perfect because I was Goldschlager and they had tons of extra shiney stretchy gold stuff!

  30. EricA Bolanos

    My fave costume was a zombie cowgirl. Would love to be a zombie cat suit girl :)

  31. Sharon R

    Every year I have the huge problem of deciding on being a slutty cat, slutty nun or slutty cowgirl. So one year I just went as a slut. But people kept asking if I was superwoman.

  32. Tori

    Soo awesome ! Last year my friend was the Cheshire Cat in an outfit that was basically mesh lingerie with side cut outs.. There’s no competing with that slutty cat outfit. But this I NEED to have! love it!

  33. Last year, I was just an amalgamation of weird shit–rainbow wig, Beetlejuice-esque jacket (from F21, actually…), glow-in-the-dark skeleton tee, blue lipstick, purple eyebrows, fake blood. I told people I was “conceptual.”
    I stand by my choices.

  34. Kendra

    My fav halloween costume was a leopard costume when I was about 3. My mom made it out of black pants, black sweatshirt with a big black square of leopard print fur on the front, a furry headpiece that kept my head warm AND had adorable ears, and whiskers painted on my face. The best part was the fact that I took the costume to heart and only spoke in growls and clawed everyone. My little sister the pumpkin may have taken the brunt of the clawing..

  35. vanessa mcclung

    Favorite costume ever was three years ago when I was crazy enough to wear a leotard in public and I was Lady Gaga. I loved It because I got to wear a leotard! And a silver hood, I had to teach myself how to sew for that costume so I was especially proud :) Haha. I totally love the blog dude. Keep at it!

  36. Vera

    Fav costume- a poisonous mushroom. I was 4. Nothing could compare ever since. But the leopard catsuit could, finally!

  37. Amanda

    My favorite halloween costume was a 1980′s cheerleader! Hope I win!!!!!!

  38. Hannah

    I submitted this before… but I don’t know if it just didn’t go through or something. If it did go through, lol oops. Uhm anyways last year for Halloween I was the girl from the Orbit commercials. I dressed up in a white tennis skirt with crazy heels and stuff. I would go around to people with bad breath and say “Dirty mouth? Clean it up with Orbit!” and then give them a piece of gum. I went through 5 packs of gum and I was probably pretty annoying, but bad breath was non existent thanks to Orbit.

  39. Misty

    In 5th grade I wore a space girl costume my aunt made. I had a wig of silver hair and shiny red boot covers. I wish I still had them. I won the halloween contest that year.

  40. Rachel

    One year for Halloween me and a friend of mine decided we were sick of being short. So I sat on her shoulders while wearing a LONG trenchcoat and a false mustache and we went around telling people, “Oh yes sir, please sell me some of your fine alcohol, for as you can see, I am 21.” It was just like one of those dumb cartoon plots, but I’m just glad I got to be the one on top. :)

  41. Ali H

    My favorite halloween costume was “super smashed princess Peach”. I bought a pink prom dress from forever21, a blonde wig, white gloves, and proceeded to rip up the dress and give myself a black eye and bloody lip….With makeup. Ironically I later got an actual black eye when I passed out during a game of beer pong and nearly gouged my eye out on the table. If I win this I will wear this costume, get drunk, and get into a fight with an actual cat.

    Please, help me make more bad choices.

  42. Laura

    Shweeeeeet! My favorite Halloween costume was my costume last year. I was a sailor :) it was SUPER comfortable and I didn’t have to worry about any of my lady bits making an appearance. I love everything 40s 50s or 60s! And I styled my hair and make up like that. Super sexy!

  43. hillary

    my fav costume has to be my snookie outfit from last year, soooo funny!!!!

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