Get It Now!

Get what now?

A job having my g-string plugged with sweaty dollar bills or a communicable disease? I spied this selection of busted ass stripper heels on the top floor of a Forever 21. Most of them were soiled in some fashion, and all of them looked as if they had been worn. To the club. Many times. Until closing.

Check out these gems. Sky-high, red feathered shoes, ripe for the picking. You’d have to be a fool or someone who doesn’t like getting a stranger’s foot crust on you not to buy these!

And these! Electric blue and heavy on attitude.

And dirt.

It was hard to tell just by looking at them, but I am guessing these shoes may have been the shoes below at some point in history.

Suedette High Cone Heels: $22.80

 The years, they have not been kind.

Forever 21, WTF?


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8 Responses to Get It Now!

  1. Katie

    WHAT?!?! They are seriously selling those? are you fucking kidding me?

  2. Ellipsis

    Okey this explins the FB pic of busted LOL EWWWWWWWWWWW

  3. Check out those red feather heels…Big Bird’s ginger cousin must’ve given his life for those bad boys.

  4. awful. just awful.

    The F Word

  5. Paulina

    They look just like the ones carrie bought in that one episode of sex and the city to “spice things up” with Berger…oh marabou, so classy.

  6. Oh, I get it… It’s like a gift with purchase thing. You buy those now, and you get athlete’s foot for free! Bargain!

  7. stace

    those are definitely two different pairs of blue heels.

    I happen to be a merchandiser at forever 21 and the dust on shoes happen in a matter of hours with the amount of people and skin cells that traffic the store. There is always a cleaning person in the mornings that deep cleans the store, not to mention sometimes the employees do it as well, but the dust will always be there again in plentiful amounts the next day.
    Those shoes definietly look like they were on a shelf once probably for about a couple days and just gathered dust.

    NOTHING in the store has already been used when returned. We have an extremely strict store policy. Those shoes are just “aged” and in retail ( or rather at forever 21 ) that just means they havent been sold in about a WEEK.

    Anything you see thats messy, dirty, or broken at XXI is because the customers do it, and they do it in seconds, everyday till close.People like to blame the store itself when actually, there is no company that has visual merchandisers that take complete pride and dedication in making the store look perfect and visually appealing. Try going as soon as the store opens and see the huge difference.

    But it doesnt really matter that everyone thinks the store is a “mess”.
    The haters will keep on shopping.
    You and I both know those dusty heels were probably bought the next minute after you shot the pic.

    Funny site, but it makes the company look bad.

  8. administrator

    Hey Stace – yeah I get that. I worked retail at a Macy’s for about a month and people were animals. It was a constant source of both frustration and amusement but we were VERY diligent about taking damaged merchandise off the floor. The only other large retail store I’ve seen that is in as much disarray as Forever 21 is Ross. Perhaps it’s because they are around the same price point. Whether it is because the shoes were tried on and got dirty inside the store or whether someone returned them and they were placed back on the floor, there is no denying they look unfit for sale. The red shoes were very dirty as well. The pictures don’t do it justice at all. I’m not trying to be contentious – I love when Forever 21 employees write in to give their unique and well informed, intelligent opinions on posts. I really hope you keep reading and let us know more about these kinds of thngs. Thanks for clearing up the mystery, as well!

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