Friday Non-WTF Find: Jacket

I know how I’m always picking on Forever 21 for their gross misuses of pleather but after a mini shopping spree in the spangled, multi-level corridors of my Pasadena Forever 21, I found and subsequently purchased a beautiful little bargain.


Leatherette Jacket: $24.80

I got mine in brown, but it comes in dark blue and purple as well. Purple, I know. They just HAVE to give it the chance to be fugly.

The pleather is very soft and not noisy or sweaty. The lining is nice and the zippered pocket detail is very luxe looking. For about $25, you’ve got yourself a jacket that will transition perfect from winter into Spring and beyond.

Forever 21, not bad. Not bad at all.


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5 Responses to Friday Non-WTF Find: Jacket

  1. Very cute. It’s amazing just how much box items I have to sift through to find a wearable item at the store, and by store I mean clicking buttons online, even then it’s still annoying.

    I’m new here, was introduced to your blog by Cathy from I have to tell you that I absolutely love your posts!

  2. administrator

    Thanks for the compliment! Yes, it’s hard to get through all that crap. Luckily, I am looking through it daily. Hourly even. You can count on me!

  3. Carabou

    I do have to say, reading this website all the time has made me 10x more picky about what I buy at F21… so thanks for saving me a lot of money!

    I do have to say though, I felt the quality about 6-7 years ago was much, much better… back when the only store I knew about was in NY. Maybe it’s just me.

  4. administrator

    Carabou – I’m a lot more picky bout what I buy there as well. Last night I got some basic black pants, a basic v-neck white tee, 5 thongs ($2 each), that jacket, a bracelet and a pair of earrings. As long as you don’t expect to keep anything for longer than a few years it’s fine. I also think people don’t care for their clothes as well as they should, most of the time.

    I agree he quality has gotten a little flimsy on many of the pieces. That’s why when I find something nice at a great price, I’ll post about it.

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