Forever 21 Selling the Spread Eagle to Teen Girls

I’ve heard of selling sex in fashion but this is just ridiculous.

Spread Eagle Ring: $3.80

Seems like someone at Forever 21 is having a little fun with naming the new inventory this week. I know “spread eagle” is technically the correct phrase for this pose, but it’s also a poor choice of words.

Now, this could be a kind of lost in translation thing, but I highly doubt it. Whatever the case, this ring is a hilarious mix of patriotism and porno.

Now all we need is a cunnilingus cardigan and a pair of fuzzy 69ing slippers.

What do you think about this dirty little ring?

Forever 21, WTF?


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11 Responses to Forever 21 Selling the Spread Eagle to Teen Girls

  1. Charles Ranier

    yes but would you wear it on a fringed Jesus tank?

  2. Mina

    Maybe Forever 21 is the underlying cause for teen pregnancies. Subliminally telling teen girls what the best course of action is with their boyfriends. Lol. You forgot the most important part of the ensemble the “Pray for a Successful Pull-Out” Harem Pants.

    P.S. love your site!

  3. They couldn’t think of a better name? Why couldn’t they just call it eagle ring? Whats with the birds at this place?!

    I love your blog! I haven’t stopped laughing awkwardly by myself since I started reading it! <3

  4. administrator

    Yay for awkward laughter. Do you ever remember something funny when you’re out in the world and start laughing to yourself? I always think people probably believe I’m crazy in that moment. Which makes things even funnier.

  5. administrator

    Well come on. All accessories at F21 have bling on them. It’s a rule.

  6. administrator

    Haha oh pulling out. You’ve made so many parents.

  7. Amy

    they’ve changed the name to “etched eagle ring.” i can only hope that the change is a direct result of this post.

  8. administrator

    Amy – I am Loling like CRAZY right now. LMFAO. OMG that is SOO GOOD. yes, i hope it’s because of my diligent posting. Wow. That’s too funny.

  9. fashion_girl

    What’s so funny about this is that the powers that be behind “Forever XXI” (as they’re now calling it) are so right-wing, conservative, Christian…ever notice the Bible reference on the bottom of their bags?? Probably it was an honest mistake because they’re just not at all familiar with the spread eagle. They’d be ‘missionary’ all the way, don’t you think? ;)

  10. administrator

    Maybe it was an honest mistake, fashion_girl. I think it was probably a funny copywriter making a little joke.

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