Forever 21 Restocks “Kurt Cobain” Flipper Tee

Oh, hey! Guess Forever 21 restocked that Flipper tee everyone was all up in arms about and was reporting that they took down because of some pressure or fear of being sued by Courtney Love.


Flipper Graphic Tee: $16.90

Maybe Forever 21 isn’t afraid of everyone’s favorite rock widow and Hole front lady. Or maybe the blogging community who “reported” on this without actually doing any research or qualifying any statements needs to do their fucking JOBS in the future.

When the story about Forever 21 allegedly “stealing Kurt Cobain’s original t-shirt design” was first reported about, and picked up, and re-reported about, music and fashion blogs at large pounced on it like a group of hungover frat boys on stale pizza – topping off the already poorly researched post that started it all with new info and blatantly unethical assumptions that Forever 21 had removed the tee because they feared a legal battle with Love.

Not only did most of them fail to point out the shirt, which they alleged is Cobain’s design, was being sold at online retailer for $45, they also failed to mention the dead eyed dolphin depicted on the tee is the mascot of band Flipper and predates Cobain’s alleged doodle.

But what REALLY got my cameltoe panties in a twist was the reporting that Forever 21 had removed the product the same day this “story” was posted, when in actuality the item was simply listed as out of stock and has now returned to Forever 21′s online store.

As you all know, I am Forever 21′s biggest critic and also one of their biggest fans and have criticized them for everything from their shoddy stitch work to their tasteless product shots, but this blatant bad reporting and unethical assumption machine that went to work on Forever 21 over what is essentially a discounted band tee was completely out of order.

Recently, a blogger in Oregon was hit with a $2.5 million fine from a judge who said she wasn’t a journalist and therefore could not enjoy any of the protections a journalist would in court. Some might say the judge was out of touch or has a prejudice but I say he’s making an example.

Forever 21 and the Flipper tee fiasco is just a very small instance of why traditional media is still on the fence about bloggers. Even Rolling Stone’s blog “Thread Count” couldn’t be bothered to issue any kind of correction or retraction on this and would only go so far as to call their latest post with clarification from Forever 21′s team an “update.”

Online only journalists, bloggers, whatever you want to call them, have got to start doing a better job if they want the public at large, and courts in certain states no less, to start taking them ALL seriously.

Come on Blogosphere! WTF?


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4 Responses to Forever 21 Restocks “Kurt Cobain” Flipper Tee

  1. Well put. I couldn’t agree more with everything you said. I think that some bloggers just feel like a blog, personal or professional, is a place where personal opinions and interpretations of “news” can be shared freely without repercussions. While that is sorta true, without doing homework and proper research before sounding off on a topic, the blogger just looks like an idiot.

  2. administrator

    Kat – I think there is a place for commentary but it should be INFORMED. Watching the evolution of a story on the blogosphere feels like a sad game of telephone sometimes.

  3. LTaistra

    Believe it or not, there is a legal frame of what a journalist is. Journalists have what is called, “qualified privilege.” Bloggers (or as they lovingly refer to themselves, “citizen journalists”) do not enjoy these rights because they do not fall under the legal qualifications and therefore can be fined. Reporting feeling as fact can have serious consequences of which many people underestimate. Bad reporting on the other hand, is just that and can influence the legitimacy of the publication. Kudos to that judge.

  4. I agree. Until we bloggers can act professionally and do research with the same due diligence as any legitimate journalist, those looking to be full-time or professional bloggers will never break the glass ceiling.

    And I laughed/snorted at “cameltoe panties.” LOL!

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