Forever 21 No Longer Selling Spread Eagle

In an all-too-predictable turn of events, it seems as if the brass behind Forever 21′s sexy Spread Eagle Ring has had a change of heart.

The patriotic finger party we pointed out last month for having a seedy name has been de-sexed and is now called the “Etched Eagle Ring.”

Unfortunately, I failed to take a screenshot of the previous product description, which was colorfully accented with the phrase, “Spread Eagle.”

For now at least it looks like Forever 21 has changed their tune on the tongue in cheek copy.

Too bad. I thought for a second there they might actually have a sense of humor.

Forever 21, You’ll Always be Spread Eagle to me.


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5 Responses to Forever 21 No Longer Selling Spread Eagle

  1. Ha

    I was overjoyed to see that forever21 is opening a store at my local mall. At last, i will be able to experience the magic for myself, and not just vicariously through your amazing blog :)

  2. Spread Eagle, what a great name

  3. administrator

    I know Petra. I’m kind of disappointed they got rid of it. No fun at all.

  4. afshi

    actually this product just came up on the Canadian website, with the same name LOL:

    the description:
    Take flight in this antique finish ring that features an etched detail spread eagle. Solid band. Lightweight.

    ha ha

  5. administrator

    Yes, afshi!! Screen shot taken! So i know I’m not crazy.

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