Forever 21 Holding Out on Luscious Canada

Every once in a while I like to head over the Canada side of Forever 21 and see what horrors they offer those fine people. Having done such a thing today, my question to the Canadian readers is this – How do you sleep at night knowing Forever 21 is marketing THIS to  United Statesians and not to you?

Kid ‘N’ Play Tee: $17.80

Canada, you poor, deprived, beautiful little fool.

The best part of this is Kid’s hand gesture.

It’s like he had a fist full of fucks and just threw those bitches up in the air like “AND WHAT.”

Play is not amused.


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2 Responses to Forever 21 Holding Out on Luscious Canada

  1. Jane's Next Door

    You’re so right. It’s an injustice that we Canadians can’t avail ourselves of such fine fashion. My day is officially ruined.

  2. Rachael S.

    I died a little inside knowing that I’ll never be able to wear this shirt.

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