Favorite Destroyed Boyfriend Jeans

I think someone has confused the word, “boyfriend” with “mom” and “destroyed” with “should be cut up and used as dust rags.”

boyfriend mom jeans

Favorite Destroyed Boyfriend Jeans: $34.80

mom jeans

These jeans are like, super mom jeans. These jeans could probably run the carpool to soccer practice BY THEMSELVES. At any moment they’re going to gain sentience and start sending us all chain Facebook statuses and passive aggressively clean our apartments when they come into town.

They’re like the embodiment of your mom trying to be “hip” – in jean form. I feel like I’m looking at the haphazard result of a Redbook tutorial on how to “Turn those Old Dungarees in Trendy Boyfriend Jeans”

Forever 21, WTF?


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2 Responses to Favorite Destroyed Boyfriend Jeans

  1. justme

    you’re back! yay!

  2. Bo Bae Rose

    LOL… i just discovered your site and its a hoot!!! we all (well i have for sure) a love/hate relationship with this store. you have unleashed the furry with your satire on all the ridiculousness that is f21. Thank You!

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