Faux Fur Fake Uggs

Just when to thought you couldn’t hate Uggs anymore than you already do, Forever 21 drops this unholy mess on us.


Furry Slippers: $16.80

Slippers, eh? You know damn well college freshmen are going to be hobbling across the quad toward their dining commons on Friday afternoon in these. Why you trynna front like you don’t know how these will be used, Forever 21?

This is just like those “neck massagers” they sell in Brookstone. They say they’re to relieve tension in neck and back muscles but you know the release that’s really happening is ALL below the waist.


Looks like someone just chopped off a Sasquatch big foot, hollowed it out and called it a day.

Forever 21, Why are you Slaughtering Mythical Woodland Creatures so Girls with Undeclared Majors can Wear the Husks of these Majestic Creatures feet at Inappropriate Times?


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16 Responses to Faux Fur Fake Uggs

  1. hayley

    Truly they are Fuggs!!!
    I hate when people constantly wear these any season, any place
    These are the worst though…

  2. Oh my god these are atrocious! Is it bad that I secretly want a pair? :)

  3. administrator

    For people who want to look like they have on hollowed out bear feet. These people exist. They walk among us.

  4. administrator

    Hayley – I love when people excuse it by saying how warm Uggs are, too. Utility is NO EXCUSE!

  5. administrator

    The GSB – no, it’s not bad. And it’s not such a secret anymore, is it? Get some! Wear them around the house and pretend you are sexy Grizzly Adams.

  6. Beth B.

    Those are disgusting.

  7. Estella

    Omg iwss waiting for a post like this,almost all of their fur items look like some sort of mangy animal!those boots definately scream sasquatch.Funny story as usual!:-)

  8. Estella

    Sorry meant to write I was waiting for a post like this!

  9. Emily

    I live in San Diego, so I never let the “but they’re warm” excuse fly. It is never, NEVER, cold enough in San Diego to warrant Uggs of any kind.

  10. They look like something Snooki would wear…

  11. Leah

    CHEWBACCA SHOES! You forgot these in your Halloween post. :P

  12. administrator

    Yasemin – I thought the same thing!

  13. administrator

    Leah – they weren’t up yet! I most certainly would have included it. Total Chewbacca.

  14. LittleGirlBlu

    HA! I loooved the satire. I just added your site as a favorite.

  15. I am laughing so hard I’m crying. ‘Looks like someone just chopped off a Sasquatch big foot, hollowed it out and called it a day.’

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