Fantastic Friday: Princess Party Post

Once in a great while, when the moons align and a tender breeze whistles through the dankest sweatshop sewing floor, we here at WTForever 21 press pause on the almost endless vitriol injected into posts to thank the Heavens for Forever 21′s standout selections.

In honor of my birthday tomorrow and impending Princess Party to celebrate it, today’s positive post will highlight all that’s pink and regal in the realm of WTF.

Hold on to your tiaras.

Floral Leatherette Flats: $19.80

It’s Fantastic Friday.

Shimmering Floral Tiara: $9.80

Back in 2005, when tween girls still kind of gave a shit about J. Lo and Mel Gibson hadn’t gone completely bat shit insane, I thought wearing tiaras might become a trend in the wake of a startling return to headbands. Although it never happened, I like to think every girl (and a healthy portion of guys) deserves to wear a tiara at least no less than half a dozen times in their life. At under $10, why not?

Diamante Surplice Dress: $27.80

Who doesn’t love a hot pink party dress with golden stud finishes and a generously flattering V-Neck, wrap around cut? I’ll tell you who DOES: Princesses.

Beautiful Seamless Boyshort: $3.80

I’m of the firm opinion everyone should believe they have a¬†beautiful¬†butt. Whether it’s actually true or not is a completely different story, but having high self butt esteem has jettisoned more than one woman into the history books. I’m looking at you, Kim Kardashian, AND your outrageous rump!

Cascading Earrings: $4.80

I am really in love with earrings. Such an easy and elegant way to elevate any outfit. White tee, jeans and basic black flats? Boring. White tee, jeans and basic black flats with a high ponytail and some awesome, gold hammered disc, teardrop earrings? Bodacious.

These earrings are sufficiently regal without going too over the top ans sufficiently pink enough to satisfy my current obsession with blush tones.

Jeweled Pendant Necklace: $4.80

This reminds me of something Peach from the Mario Bros. would wear. Congratulations, your Princess is, indeed, in this castle.

Forever 21, Fantastic.


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7 Responses to Fantastic Friday: Princess Party Post

  1. Susan

    I totally want that tiara.

  2. administrator

    Yea I do too. So I can walk down the aisles of Costco doing the pageant wave at people.

  3. Kris

    I have not one, but two tiaras. They are the current Birthday Tiaras. On my birthday weekend, I officially signal that The World Revolves Around Me Starting Right Now Bitches by wearing a tiara out the door, even if I am wearing jeans and a tank top. This continues until I declare my birthday to be over. The Birthday Tiara has gone to many restaurants, bars, clubs, Universal Studios, and Disneyworld; it usually results in free drinks and/or free fastpasses and backstage tours. Tiaras are seriously underrated.

  4. administrator

    I love this. Let’s all try wearing tiaras out this weekend and see what happens.

  5. Sara

    i’m not trying to be an ass but you misused an apostrophe in the word “tiara’s”

  6. administrator

    Sara – THANK YOU! I am always grateful when someone corrects me on a typo and/or grammar or spelling error.

  7. Casey

    Awww…I would have loved to have taken that tiara with me to ballet camp last month (actually, the very day this post came out). Instead, I had to wear my dollar-bin-at-TarZHAY tiara to the cast party. *sigh* Well, there’s always next year.

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