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Although it might look easy to all you wonderful WTFers out there in Interweb land, diving into the daily pit of “excuse me, for reals, you did NOT just try to charge people $32.90 for that” which is Forever 21′s inventory is no simple task.

It takes patience, nimble fingers, sheer will and determination to cull the craziest shit from the mega-retailer’s online catalog. And just like on their physical stores, things online at Forever 21 are usually a scattered mess.

But not today.

BEHOLD – The Exotic Folk selection.

Beads, faux fur, fringe, looped yarn – all collected into one section with a floppy pink hat wearing mascot to guide your way. It’s like an all you can guffaw buffet up in here.


Bead Trim Faux Fur Vest: $27.80

Haven’t seen a bugle bead in a long while, but damned if it isn’t taking center stage right in front of my face in the year 2011. This is what is known as Sherpa Chic. You could scale a mountain with the intent of yodeling or just use it to springboard your career as a Ricola commercial extra. Lots of choices with this one.

Suede Fringe Jacket: $59.80

Okay, before you even CONSIDER purchasing this, let me just ask you to think about your life choices for a second and whether you want everyone calling you Big Bird’s Lesbian Biker Sister. And have you heard the sound heavy, suede fringe makes when it hits other heavy materials? It’s like a stampede of miniature horses are following you around at all times. Madness.

Fringe Lace Poncho: $19.80

NOPE. Absolutely not. I am having none of this. I look at this and I say, “No, thank you. I will have none.”

Forever 21, WTFolk?


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8 Responses to Exotic WTFolk

  1. Kathleen N.

    Jesus. That yellow suede Big Bird’s Bitch jacket is something serious. AND IT IS $59.80?! That’s the most expensive item I have EVER seen at F21. Who on earth is going to purchase that? $29.80 maybe (probably not) would be the max I could imagine trying to get for that. Actually strike that. I am not even sure what an acceptable price would be. I bet I could walk downtown and offer that to one of the lovely hookers that troll beautiful Baltimore city and she would laugh at me and throw it in the harbor. Just gross all around.

  2. Anonymous

    I actually thought that jacket was cute, not the color so much, but then I saw the fringe and it was ruined, what doesn’t fringe ruin?? Plus $60!!?!?! I agree with the above poster, the most expensive item I’ve seen at F21, and its not even cute, well not anymore.

  3. Jen

    Just the name “Fringe Lace Poncho” is painful. Its like a wearable mad lib.

  4. Alyssa

    Seriously who the fuck decided to sell these things? The CEO’s are either retarded or playing a giant joke on consumers everyday (I assume the latter -_-). Another thing, who would wear these?!? I’m sure some idiot will be “Like oh my gawd! This has be awesome since it’s sold at this trendy store!” Bitch GTFO.

  5. Nicole

    Holy hell, I pray for the girl who actually buys these items.

  6. Emily

    That suede jacket was okay in the front but then BAM!! You see the back and it’s all kinds of wrong. Is it supposed to have short sleeves, or was it just cut incorrectly? I guess we’ll never know. And that lace “poncho”??? What is going on with all this fringe? And the dead squirrel vest? AAAAAH! Too much. Just too much.

  7. dani

    i dunno. i love mustard. lol. that jacket is kinda unique and hot. not something to wear everyday. with a hot, unique outfit. it could be awesome.

    it’s too expensive though. forever 21 is not known for quality.

  8. Jayboy

    I bought the yellow mustard jacket and I think its totally Rad and unique. I really don’t care what people think of me if I like it i’ll wear it. Even if my nickname is Jayboy I’m not a lesbian biker nor am I big bird haha I’m just a girl who likes to stand out and not look like every other cookie cutter boring girl out walking the street! Rock your own fashion girls!! Confidence is sexy!

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