Destined for the Bargain Bin

There’s a woman in Los Angeles who, come to think of it, actually might just be a very convincing tranny. She dresses in all purple and tours the thrift shop scene. Sky high purple bee hive wigs, platform purple heels that enhance her already imposing six foot plus frame. Everywhere she went she stood out like a glamorous bruise.

I always wondered where she came from and when she started wearing purple. Do you wake up one day and, being the impulsive, brave and brash tranny fantasy you are, decide you’ll only wear one color for the rest of your life? Or do you start off alternating outfits comprised of just one color (green, gold, lush ruby red), then eventually settle on your favorite?

If that’s the case, this thing below is definitely a gateway garment to the single color lifestyle.


Cheetah Lined Faux Fur Vest: $37.80

All the tranny mega hits are there. High impact color. Vaguely 70′s vibe. Faux Fur. The model even looks decidedly dangerous in this vest, like she might start lip-syncing to “It’s Raining Men” without warning or claw another bitches eyes out with a surprise Elvira manicure. Even though I know this vest is destined for the bargain bin, there’s something absurdly attractive about it.

I don’t know. Maybe I just hate faux fur so much my judgement has been clouded. Maybe my eyes are stunned by the brazen display of furry, high impact prison suit orange. And maybe, just maybe, I secretly wish there were more men who are woman wearing purple in the world.

Forever 21, WTF?


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13 Responses to Destined for the Bargain Bin

  1. zeldarae

    I have found myself lately being weirdly attacted to the color orange (must be a perimenopausal thing). If I were 20 years younger, I think I would try sporting this.

    I’m so stealing the phrase Gateway Garment. ;)

  2. administrator

    Zeldarae – stuff like this that is just SO outrageous makes me want to wear it. I wish I was as brave as that deliciously purple tranny of my youth.

  3. I like her arched eyebrow. And what’s “cheetah lined”?

  4. Alex

    This site is wonderful and hilarious, but “tranny” is a horrible and hurtful slur for transgender people, in the same “people should never use it” category as “fag(got)” and the n word. Just thought you should be aware, since I love this site so much otherwise.

  5. administrator

    Hey Alex – I have never heard anyone say tranny was akin to the f word or that it’s a bigoted slur. It’s very possible I’m just unaware of the community’s preferences. I always thought the term was an affectionate shortening.

  6. Sea Hag

    That vest looks like that orange monster from Bugs Bunny.

  7. callmestewey

    Seriously, I’m starting to become a psychic…I KNEW this would be on here today. No joke xD And oh yeah, it’s as ugly as hell too:P

  8. Lori

    My heart weeps for all the muppets who had to die for this vest to come into being…have you no heart, Forever 21?

  9. Anonymous

    It looks so cheap, but its $38!!!????

  10. Mattie

    Just going to second Alex’s comment – love the blog, but for future reference, “tranny” is really considered derogatory. “Drag Queen” would probably be the best term to use for what you’re describing, though if you’re just talking about a woman who’s transgendered, “transwoman” tends to be the generally-accepted term.

    That said, I TOTALLY know what you mean with that vest. Holy. Crap.

  11. silver_dragon_girl

    Because “faux fur” wasn’t klassy enough…they added cheetah lining.

  12. administrator

    Oh. the Cheetah lining is what makes it drag queen approved.

  13. Tara Melissa

    That is a truly dreadful vest, but I’ll third the no-love on the “tranny” comment. It really is hurtful, derogatory and offensive.

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