WTFresh Hell is this?

Price: $26.00

Is that an old fisherman’s net with little peices of trash  and carp scales bundled together at the collar? Are those yarn loops?

Nope. Just trash.

This thing looks like a piece from Mugatu’s Derelicte campaign.

Forever 21,




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4 Responses to Derelicte!

  1. Wow. I feel rather shitty about myself after reading these posts. Most of my favorite clothing from Forever21 are the ones that are completely ridiculed. I’m quite the jerkface…

  2. ringtheory

    Whitney! I am sure you wear every single thing extremely well.

  3. whitney, it doesn’t matter.
    they can hate on your clothes but they can’t knock your art.
    you’re pretty ridiculously talented.
    amazing artist > forever21 shopper.

  4. ringtheory

    Very true.

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