Dem Doppleganger Shorts

I’m sure you’ve all heard the expression that there is more than one way to skin a cat.

Well, apparently there is not more than one way to pose for a product shot in high waist shorts and biker boots.

High Rise Denim Shorts : $17.80

Cheetah Print Hot Pants: $10.50

Weird, right?

At first I thought maybe the shorts had been photoshopped onto the model.

Well, really at first I thought, “WTF. Those shorts make it look like her vagina could go up to her belly button.”

But THEN I thought, no, this model is just super talented at hitting the exact same pose. It’s actually pretty impressive.

More impressive than that acid wash wedgie machine she has on.

Forever 21, WTF?


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3 Responses to Dem Doppleganger Shorts

  1. isaac

    I work for F21 and there’s a denim product poster they gave us about a year ago to put up in the back to educate the employees on our promo denim. The photo they used next to the regular skinny jeans was copied and photoshopped to represent the “curvy” and “petite” styles. They actually went in and shrunk/enlarged the thighs of the model in the photo. it’s hilarious how badly they did it too hahaha

  2. administrator

    PICS. NOW!!! Send them to

  3. Sophia

    I agree isaac please please please post pics!

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