Cover your Crotch: Reader WTF

Intrepid reader Maria from Tuscon, AZ sent this in over the weekend.


“Recently I was in a Forever 21 in my hometown Tucson, AZ and I found the following glorious styling of one of their 80′s mannequins. Enjoy! My favorite part is definitely those corduroy leopard print shorts,” writes Maria.

The shorts are pretty good, but I’d have to say MY favorite part is the part when the plastic person is covering her genitals for no apparent reason. As if anyone is going to try to tap those lacquered lady bits while she’s wearing THAT ensemble.

Forever 21, WTF?


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4 Responses to Cover your Crotch: Reader WTF

  1. Maybe the employees at the store are sending a message that these shorts will you a leopard print camel toe. Rawr, sexay.

  2. administrator

    So much toe occurs at Forever 21. Mmm.

  3. Jen

    Is that vest made from the fake plummage plucked from the manes of California teens?

    Is there another vest made from glitter tats?

  4. Annie

    Omigod, this mannequin… Yeah, I live in Tucson. This made my friends and I laugh so hard when we saw it at Forever 21. Holy crap.

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