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  1. nikki

    just saw this the other day and i laughed for ages. i love forever 21, but this is all s true!!
    everything is wrong with this, including the depressed model-

  2. Anonymous

    Did they run out of vowels for the word “Sleeveless”?
    “Slvls Contrast Tunic”

    What an ugly outfit.

    I’d call it “Birth Control Tunic”

  3. Emily

    the whole ‘abstract’ thing has been covered by you before, but here is another wonderful example of Forever21′s blatant use of the word as a synonym for shitty.

  4. ringtheory

    LMFAO! Haha. Oh wow. Bucket pants. I guess maybe they’re meant for gathering apples or other fruit or maybe carrying puppies and leaving your hands free? Nonsense. Lol so good.

  5. ringtheory

    They rea
    They really do take liberties with that word. Astract seriously just means, fuck it, we don’t know what this is. It’s abstract.

  6. ringtheory

    Yea I’ve been seeing this skirt. Pretty nasty.

  7. skinned alive

    Sometimes its hard to stop laughing when I visit this site, but I have a wtForever21 moment wearing their “boots” that had absolutley no traction, & ended up not only making me fall but literally ripped my forever 21 pants to skin my knees. The sick thing is I wore them again only wearing soles & this time I was wearing luxurious Old Navy pants that didn’t rip, but my fall was so hard that I skinned my knees again. Only forever21 can make old navy be high quality in comparison.

  8. Rachel

    Just found your blog and am addicted, I recently got a job at the new Forever21 store in London and am in complete agreement with every single thing you post. Unfortunately I need the money so will have to continue to surround myself with the horrific crap they sell, but at least I can go in to work with the knowledge that I’m not the only one wanting to cut up all their shirts when nobody’s looking. :)

  9. I saw these: (sheer wide leg pants) as I was browsing the website procrastinating doing work. All I could think was WTF!?!? In what universe would anyone want to wear these?

  10. administrator

    Yes, everyone keeps pointing these out to me! I’ll have to gather up my thoughts on them because as of this moment I still have no words.

  11. Chloe

    Heyy :)
    Love your site, its on my daily blog watch haha… but girl you are a TEASE
    I would really love if you could post more than once a day :)

  12. administrator

    Hey Chloe! Thanks for reading. I have been toying with the prospect of posting more than once a day but it rarely happens as I don’t like to force content. However, if people ask enough I might just start marking posts in the morning and then again in the afternoon right after lunch time.

  13. administrator

    Hah. Thanks Stephanie. Good looking out.

  14. administrator

    Sounds like an episode of Hoarders waiting to happen.

  15. Anonymous

    You’re a moron. If you hate the fucking clothes, don’t buy them. Surely, don’t buy them and take pictures of yourself. That’s embarrassing. We all know that f21 only has store credit instead of refunds, so I know you just take back the weird shit and exchange for the clothes you actually, probably (most def.) wear all the time. + size section, of course.

  16. administrator

    Anon – how DARE you! I’ll have you know I keep every STITCH of clothing I purchase from Forever 21 for those pictorials. Shame on you for suggesting otherwise!

  17. administrator

    Shelly – These pants are genius. A modern marvel. They allow you to show some leg without having to shave. It’s what women the world over have been waiting for.

  18. Anonymous

    ^ hahahahaha talk about great advertising

  19. Erin

    Really though…who doesn’t need a pair on see through leggings. Oh and did I forget to mention they are flared?? WTF haha

  20. administrator

    Flaring is the new thing, Erin. Just like it was the new thing 15 years ago.

  21. I only just noticed that John 3:16 is printed at the bottom of every single F21 shopping bag. I’m Catholic, but that was kinda weird.

  22. Tracey Haymer

    My daughter purchased a shirt from here and found it to be ripped when she got home. We took it back to the store at Fairlane and the Assistant Manager told me that they don’t take back damaged merchandise. My reply was you sell it and won’t take it back? She refused to take it back or exchange the shirt. Tags were still on the shirt and has never been worn I am very upset and will not be spending anymore money in this store. The Assistant Manager was very rude and unprofessional.

  23. administrator

    Tracey – so sorry you have a bad experience. Forever 21′s return policy is pretty strict. They don’t even give customers the benefit of a full month to return their merchandise for store credit only. 21 days is what consumers get at Forever 21 and absolutely no cash refunds, except in circumstances that are in accordance with state regulations. They do CONSPICUOUSLY display their return policy at either the entrance of the store or at each and every cash register in the store (in CA anyway), as is required by the Attorney General’s refund policy in certain circumstances when return policies are tight or limited.

    If you really want to make a stink about any retailer’s bad behavior, I would suggest doing your homework at the FTC’s website ( and/or looking up your state’s particular regulations. You’d be surprised what a strongly worded and well documented and researched rebuttal with a recommendation that you will be reporting infractions to the FTC can do.

    Good luck!

  24. Kate

    I just. don’t. understand. Maybe it’s some sort of ironic commentary on why people shouldn’t run with scissors?

  25. Rachael

    See the way her arm is pushed back strangely and her hair is all on one side? Definitely trying to hide the fact that she is wearing a god awful one sleeve dress.

    At least she’s totally rocking it. (check out the side shot)

    Once again demonstrating their amazing ability to design clothing for plus sized girls. And how the hell does that resemble a broomstick?

  26. McKenzie

    So, I saw this and immediately decided it would be perfect for Halloween if I wanted to be Amish, or a nun. Thought you may have some insight.

  27. Anonymous

    Thank you so much for this site! I am a merchandiser for the company. I like to think of my job as sprinkling glitter on poop. I’ve worked in retail for quite sometime now and I am honestly outraged by the things I have seen and been asked to do. Your blog helps me not take my job so seriously and I laugh with fellow coworkers when we check out your site on our breaks. I’m speaking mostly from and HR perspective, I honestly do look at merchandising some of the more..shall we say costume-y pieces as a fashion challenge. I am looking forward to leaving the company and I feel deeply sorry for anyone who works for this company that operates on borderline illegal standards. Thank you so much for making everyday bearable while I look for something else and swallow the fact that this place has left a mark on my resume.

    You’re a very talented writer. Thank you Thank you!

  28. administrator

    Anon @ 10:30am – I’m so happy to hear this blog can be a bright spot in your day. That’s what it’s for and every time someone like you tells me this it makes me feel great about doing screen captures of crotch shots and making fun of leopard print. You the bomb.

  29. Pink

    I just had to share:

    Hmmm.. gotta love lingerie with loafers and socks (5th image). What a sexy look…especially in the “Olive” color where the socks match! WTF?!

  30. Marta

    Did you know that forever21 removed its “oriental girl” necklace from stores? Check out the petition on WTF21.

  31. My first thought was oh, this is kind of cute. But why’s it called ditsy fe-oh. oh no its not hearts, its cats

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