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  1. Heather

    I was hoping you noticed the Yellow Tag deals going on my F21 right now! And what a scam they are… sweaters “regularly” priced at $37.80, with a 50% off yellow tag price! Any regular at F21 would know they never have basics over $15.50. I’d love to see a post about it!!

  2. administrator

    Heather – yes, I’ve been thinking of doing a post on this as well as their shrinking sizes. I think since they have to manufacture all the same standard sizes for all over the world, Forever 21 is now literally about to squeeze their American customers out.

  3. Michelle

    The girl in the green sweater next to the title “Sweaters and Cardigans.”

    She looks like she’s doing the sprinkler dance.

  4. liz

    unfortunately it doesn’t come up when you look at this link… but when you buy these trousers you can get ANOTHER PAIR FREE!!! defo what i needed hahaha xx

  5. As Forever 21′s biggest critic, thought you would like to know that there’s a class action lawsuit against Forever 21 by its employees:

  6. Shelly

    On their sale page, they’re selling thongs for $2 a-piece, but 4 for 9.50. What a sale!

  7. M

    An atrocity. So many levels of no. The only way this could have more levels of no would be if it was on an elevator.

    … because levels in elevators, get it?

    Okay I’ll be quiet now.

  8. hannah

    shed some light on this baby, the

  9. stockboy

    Hey, so i just found out about this site today at work… take a guess where i work Forever 21… and believe me when i say that my co-workers and i in the stock room really question the styles and who the fuck would wear such a thing… The ugliest shirts,dresses,skirts.. always sell,,, we had this skirt come in that was made out of 15% rubber… now you know where your used tiers are going, it was beyond disturbing.

  10. WTForever21

    Haha. Rubber. Nice.

  11. Mode

    Well, I am much more than 21 and look it. I purchased a blouse (for a niece), for $19.80 in Forever 21 today. The cashier asked me for ID to use my credit card…WTF Forever 21?
    Heck for $22.80 I could have bought the whole damn store.

  12. Hallee

    I just discovered this blog through Stumblr today, and I have been laughing at an inappropriate volume and alienating my co-workers all morning long. Thank you for this.

  13. M

    Is it a wedge? Is it a sneaker? Is it the lovechild of spring florals and strappy leather sandals?!

  14. T.p.

    Thought you’d like to know Forever 21 literally lifted this artist’s work and threw it on a tshirt, there aren’t even any changes.

  15. Confucius

    i’m so sorry the blog itself layout and all of it is a beauty
    but to think that your hating on this one store for like what a long time now
    i have no relationship whatsoever with f21 but as a normal human being i actually shop at a store like this
    the concept of f21 was to be an affordable girls not necessarily 21 year olds only store. it’s ridiculous to think that your mind is set on cheap quality ugly shi* but i don’t think you understand that it’s not supposed to be perfect quality like real fur on you. that is why it is cheap. that is why they sell things for a reasonable price. but the worst part is every store, EVERY STORE has their clothes that are just OFF. i definelty agree with you that like 1/9 of the stuff that f21 sells is UGLY, but have you not seen any other store just like that & do you know how many things they have to have in stock to keep the store filled with clothes for people with different preferences? love culture, fashion q, sometimes h&m, etc. no shame f21 is not gonna be the most innocent pure store, but it’s kinda ridiculous that you have to have a blog about hatin. why you hatin. just love why do you even spend your time doing this. is it that this blog gets a lot of support & love or money (sorry if i’m out of line for that one probably doesnt get money but..)? idk i’m sorry if i’m just ranting but seriously why do you even go in the store or go online looking LOOKING for stuff that is ugly when you know that there are some good deals, don’t tell me that you can’t have a blog for any other store that has the same concept as f21. please give them a break, they make a lot of customers happy and the best part everyone returns things with problems.. no store is perfect not even chanel or any other highend store.

  16. I am a Brooklyn girl, born and raised. I know about the New York Knicks and the Brooklyn Nets, but I have yet to hear about the New York Nets. Also, it’s trademarked. Whose trademark is it??

  17. Rocky

    I am a Brooklyn girl, born and raised. I know about the New York Knicks and the Brooklyn Nets, but I have yet to hear about the New York Nets. Also, it’s trademarked. Whose trademark is it??

  18. Tara

    It definitely looks like they went in Paint and erased a hole between the model’s thighs. Very disturbing.

  19. WTForever21

    Disturbing? Or erotic?

  20. WTForever21

    Because it is hilarious. I quite honestly, every single time, laugh my ass off.

  21. WTForever21

    oHH, CHILD.

  22. Selena

    Check it out… I like the comment from yellshe. It looks like an STD painted on your crotch

  23. William

    Holy cow! You are an amazingly talented writer! I actually woke up my family because I was laughing so loudly. Good on you! Amazing prose. Incisive and clever across the board. Top shelf!

  24. Shirin

    An Abstract Pattern Fringed Poncho…. looks more like she was in a hurry to leave and instead of wearing a jacket, she picked up a dirty old carpet to keep her warm.–1001

  25. Someone

    Forever21 seemed to have plagiarised certain products of tony moly. See it here…

  26. rc

    honestly i get the whole ‘poor quality bad people angle’ but you aren’t the fashion police…. let people wear what they like please… get off your damn high horse nd chill

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