Hola, Chicas!

This Wonderful Wednesday is dedicated to pieces with the rosey and red colors that match fiery, Mexican hearts around the globe and all the people who will become enchilé from the fiery Mexican food to be consumed this Cinco de Mayo.

Charo y Rick Salvador

Viva Mexico, Putas.

It’s Wonderful Wednesday.

Colored Zippered Skinny Jeans: $27.80

These on trend, pink pantalones have a sexy zipper on the side for when your lower calves become muy caliente… or start to swell from the all the salted meat products you’ll be eating at whatever Cinco de Mayo bash you crash.

Tiered Flounce Maxi Dress: $15.50

Scalloped Collar Shirt: $17.80

This easy to wear, retro feeling, flirty top is perfect for Cinco de Mayo fiestas. The color is even called “tomato.” Just like the color of the spicy pico de gallo you’ll be ralphing up by 1 am.

¡Qué barbaridad!

Flounce Pencil Skirt: $22.80

This rojo skirt with the flirty ruffles will have your papi chulo drooling, mamita.

Forever 21, ¡Happy Cinco de Mayo!

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  1. I’ve always wanted a papi chuloa magnet skirt!!!

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