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Those Party Bitches





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Reader WTF: Mid-Life Crisis Coat

Reader Mina sent this super, hardcore, awesome, ok-looking-until-you-look-at-it-closely jacket in last night.

Moto Jacket with Cable Knit Sleeves: $37.80

“I‘m sorry what? Can you not handle trying to be badass so you cut up your grandma’s sweater and sewed the sleeves onto your pleather jacket?” Mina asks.

“Prolly,” I answer. “Either that or the jacket itself is having a mid-life crisis. It’s like a cable knit sweater is facing it’s own mortality and decided to get the garment equivalent of a sports car or a ponytail or worse, a hairpiece WITH a ponytail, by latching onto the pleather vest.”

Forever 21, You Look Ridiculous in That Convertible.


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Cutout Leopard Oxfords

I think I’ve just found the perfect shoe for my job interview next week.

Cutout Leopard Oxfords: $26.80

Nothing says “I am trustworthy and definitely didn’t commit a felony – that felony being stealing a trunk of Prince’s stage shoes and then wearing them to this very job interview” than leopard print Oxfords with CUTOUTS.

Forever 21, Why Don’t you Want Me to Get This Job?


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Totally Lama

Boxy Zebra Print Top: $14.80

Totally looks like…

Forever 21,

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Wonderful Wednesday: Minty Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Every girl since 1961 has dreamed of having breakfast at Tiffany’s.

When the effortlessly graceful Audrey Hepburn swans into the glaring daylight of 5th Avenue in all her morning after the after-party glory, you’re instantly transfixed. By the time she’s taken her first bite of croissant and sip of corner store coffee, you’ve already seen the glimmering jewels behind the glass. The elegant curve of fire forged diamonds.

And suddenly, Holly Golightly’s contemplative, longing look becomes your own as you realize, it has you. The love affair has begun.

There is simply no turning back from Tiffany’s.

But alas, with this realization comes a harsh truth. Most of us will always be like Miss Holly Golightly. On the outside looking in. Standing in glamorous reflections and pretending with our morning pastries.

But you don’t have to pretend anymore. Not today. Because today I’m going to show you how to spend a little and look like it’s a whole lot more.

Oversized Envelope Clutch: $19.80

It’s Wonderful Wednesday. Continue reading


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Ok. Fine. WTF.

This shirt was made for me.

Ok. Fine. Whatever. Tee: $16.90

Forever 21, What-ever.

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Wonderful Wednesday: Sophie’s Choice

As all of you would know if you were part of the awesome, totally exclusive and cool Facebook club for WTForever21, I have been in Seattle on business for the past few days.

As I’m otherwise indisposed, today’s post is brought to you by an adorable 9-year-old fashion prodigy named Sophie, who just happens to be the daughter of my de facto boss on this wonderful excursion.


Cropped Cut Out Shoulder Top: $17.80

After we finished giggling about the shorts, Sophie threw down her take on this adventurous look:

“I like the top and the color but the pants are weird. I like how it’s not see threw (sic) and it is wavy. I think the neckless (sic) goes really well with the outfit.”

Now, before you start making jokes about how blogging is so easy a 9-year-old could do it, let me pose to you THIS quandary:

Is this so simple a 9-year-old can do it OR are those shorts so secure in their mayorship of Crazy Town, that even a 9-year-old can SEE it?

Talk amongst yourselves.

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Friday Recap

Admittedly, I’ve been a little MIA this week but here’s a wrap-up of what happened in the world of WTF!

1. You were all charged with deciding whether the below dress was WTF or Wonderful.


Cutout Collar Dress: $24.80

And the final decision based on your comments was basically that you couldn’t decide. Just as many people thought this thing was Wonderful as they did WTF. Maybe further in store investigation is necessary?

2. I haven’t been posting so much this week. I apologize, but here’s why…

For those of you who have never had the sometimes dubious pleasure of living with a small, baby cat, I’ll go ahead and give you some advice.

If you value sleep, quiet moments, not touching poop on accident and having scratch free body parts, kittens are not for you.

She is cute though.

3. Over on the Facebook page we had a reader catch a strange animal print phenomenon in the plus-size section of Forever 21.

Best Facebook comment on this photo goes to Michelle Michsi Ottley:

You were ALL thinking it.


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Wonderful or WTF? Cutout Collar Dress

If you haven’t flipped through a magazine or trolled a celebrity style blog lately, then you probably aren’t aware of the cutout trend that’s clomped a trail off the runways and onto the bodies of famous and normal people alike this summer.


Cutout Collar Dress: $24.80

Usually the awkward slits and even more awkward wide triangle shapes cut out of perfectly good dresses focus on the waist area or that ever so sexy area on a woman’s body she is always trying to accentuate – her ribs.

But this little pink dandy has focused its efforts North and created a kind of floating collar effect. I can’t decide if this is really cool or just really dumb.

On one hand it looks almost futuristic. Like casual wear from 2001. Or something Judy Jetson would throw on for a picnic in a park elevated above the smog.

On the other hand, it also looks just fucking silly and impractical. The tan lines alone would be a pain in the ass.


Is this dress Wonderful or is it yet another garment to filed under WTF? Your comments will decide its fate when I do a recap post on Friday!


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Attention Giveaway Winners!

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