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Reader WTF: Mid-Life Crisis Coat

Reader Mina sent this super, hardcore, awesome, ok-looking-until-you-look-at-it-closely jacket in last night.

Moto Jacket with Cable Knit Sleeves: $37.80

“I‘m sorry what? Can you not handle trying to be badass so you cut up your grandma’s sweater and sewed the sleeves onto your pleather jacket?” Mina asks.

“Prolly,” I answer. “Either that or the jacket itself is having a mid-life crisis. It’s like a cable knit sweater is facing it’s own mortality and decided to get the garment equivalent of a sports car or a ponytail or worse, a hairpiece WITH a ponytail, by latching onto the pleather vest.”

Forever 21, You Look Ridiculous in That Convertible.


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I Heart Mustache

A reader brought this to my attention this morning. Everything about this sweater is just dumb.

I [Heart] Mustache Pullover: $17.80

The fact that if you read it out loud, you sound like a Frankenstein making an unnecessary declaration of your affections for facial hair.

Or alternatively, you sound like someone who is just looking around at things and saying they love them.


In other words, fucking DUMB.

Forever 21, WTF?

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Reader WTF: Leopard Panel Maxi Skirt

Every so often, a brave reader takes it upon themselves to  step into the polyester trenches of Forever 21 and blast their body with tacky shit like a Jersey Shore reject in a tanning booth.

Leopard Panel Maxi Skirt: $19.80

Today, Melissa and Lindsey took the Leopard Panel challenge. The results? Ever so fucking sweet.

“My best friend and I are avid readers of and honestly we constantly talk about how we’re surprised we didn’t create this website first haha…so as we were browsing through our local Forever21 in Tallahassee today, we came across this little gem and snapped a pic of my friend Melissa (who quickly slipped it on over her pants to avoid the 25-person long line for the fitting room) wearing it. It’s zoo-a-lisciously dreadful. Enjoy.”

Enjoy, indeed, my friends.

Forever 21, GTL (Gym, Tan Leopard Print).

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