Black Friday at Forever 21

Ah yes. Black Friday. That most infamous and hardcore of holidays. The only day of the year that turns soccer mans into man eating, killing machines with a bloodlust for savings unmatched by even the most ruthless extreme couponers.

If you’re amongst them in the fray today or are recovering from your own mission, covered in the sweat and shame of the fallen, bless you. Bless you for keeping our economy afloat and Godspeed on Cyber Monday.

Now, there is no doubt Black Friday and Cyber Monday offer deals worth fighting for. Flat screen TVs halved in price and sold in sample quantities, special edition e-readers with accessories packages thrown in for free, and that most glorious of all sales – the sales on clothes, accessories and beauty products.

Being a champion of cheap products in all those categories, you would think Forever 21′s Black Friday offerings would be the bomb. You would think that, wouldn’t you, you poor, diluted fools.

Well fucking think again! It’s a Buy One Get One Free mishmash of crap they couldn’t get rid of during the rest of the year.


Slanted Boxes Top: $9.99

She looks pretty contented for someone who just got run over by a truck in a Road Runner cartoon.


Crotchet Front Cardigan: $22.99

Ugh, woof. Where was this couch doily when I did my Mentally Retarded Female costume post? Oh and by the way, the plus size version of this costs $2 more than the standard sized version. Thanks for the hint, Forever 21.


Mixed Print Maxi Skirt: $3.96

Yes, I’d definitely like to buy one of these hillbilly table cloths and wear it as a skirt. Especially if I get the second one free! Holy Hell.

And in case you think I’m just picking out the bad stuff, here’s a link to their Black Friday sale section. It’s riddled with things that might as well be human feces. I would just as soon wear human shit on my body than pay for any of these.

Which makes sense, because this “sale” is nothing more than thinly disguised dump of unwanted inventory.

Forever 21, WTF?


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9 Responses to Black Friday at Forever 21

  1. Diana

    haha the couch doily one..she just makes me dizzy–stare at it long enough and it moves haha! wow i wonder if anyone bought that..
    and $2 more for xl? damn, they use THAT much more fabric, thread, and man-power?

  2. Estella

    this is so true,i went there yesterday n everything in their sale was the worst of the worst,i was so pissed. . .

  3. Amy

    Although I wholeheartedly agree that the BOGO sale consists of 99% garbage, as an employee, I have to make a couple of points.
    1) The median price at F21 is $15.80. Anyone who knows anything about cost in retail knows that you can only mark down so much and still profit.
    2) Everything…and I mean EVERYTHING sells at full price. And I should know, all I do is merchandising (no ringing, sales or operations). The biggest pieces of crap sell. So what we are left with at the time of markdowns is stuff that hundreds, maybe thousands of people have looked at over the course of six months…and rejected. So it’s BAD.
    3) It’s buy one thing no one wanted, and get the second thing no one wanted for free. Are you REALLY surprised at the selection? Let’s get real people.
    It’s F21. If you’re looking in the sale section, it must be your first time in the store. Or you don’t understand the reason items are marked down.

  4. Shannon

    Everything you say is true, BUT I went to the Pasadena store today and it seemed like mostly boring, plain stuff and a fair amount of wtf, but with some really good merch thrown in (that isn’t online). Man oh man, the online selection is pukey.

  5. Sea Hag

    Forever 21: Putting the “Crotch” in “Crotchet Front Cardigan”.

  6. Jane

    What I love most is that fab white blazer with the black collar you posted in the holiday post is used on their website in the ad for their sale. Of course that fab item is nowhere to be found. And so what if its stuff people didn’t want, F21 is now the only store I know that only puts crap people didn’t want on sale and advertises it as their Black Friday “sale.” Cheap materials can’t cost that much in producing the items in the store. All other stores, this includes cheap-chic stores such as Zara and H&M, not just exclusively big-box department stores, put mostly their entire store on sale. This is all just the crap you find on the F21 clearance section any day of the year, only you get one free! yay?

  7. Sweet Jesus. Is the crochet vest from their “Unfortunate Teacher” Collection. All that vest needs is an apple pin, a smear of mac and cheese left over from lunch and despair.

  8. Jennifer

    hey you could make a bunch of throw pillows out of that skirt and then throw them at hobos! Win win.

  9. administrator

    Jennifer – I don’t know how you spend your free time, but making throw pillows out of skirts for the sole purpose of chucking them at hobos might be signs of a larger issue at hand. Unless you are throwing them as gifts. In which case, keep it up!

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