Reader WTF: Mid-Life Crisis Coat

Reader Mina sent this super, hardcore, awesome, ok-looking-until-you-look-at-it-closely jacket in last night.

Moto Jacket with Cable Knit Sleeves: $37.80

“I‘m sorry what? Can you not handle trying to be badass so you cut up your grandma’s sweater and sewed the sleeves onto your pleather jacket?” Mina asks.

“Prolly,” I answer. “Either that or the jacket itself is having a mid-life crisis. It’s like a cable knit sweater is facing it’s own mortality and decided to get the garment equivalent of a sports car or a ponytail or worse, a hairpiece WITH a ponytail, by latching onto the pleather vest.”

Forever 21, You Look Ridiculous in That Convertible.


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3 Responses to Reader WTF: Mid-Life Crisis Coat

  1. and let’s not neglect that crazy patterned shirt underneath the jacket?! who would honestly open up their closet in the morning, and think this pairing is a good idea?

  2. WTForever21

    WELL, according to “Fashion People” mixing prints and shit is hella on trend. YACK.

  3. Ash

    Im in awe of the hideous thing that people are calling “trends”. There are so many jacket like this out there-and worse! I was given on the had a floral body, white collar and LEATHER SLEEVES. It was so hideous I was too embarresed even to sell it!

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