Birkenstock WTF

Just when you were sure Birkenstocks couldn’t look any more gross, here come knock off Birkenstocks from Forever 21 to prove you wrong.


Leather Footbed Sandals: $19.80

Used to be you could only find these babies at outdoor stores, specific mall locations and in the direct opposite location of a penis, but now they are also available at Forever 21. Huzzah.

Footbed sandals? WTF is a Footbed? Are they suggesting these ill formed, dollar store variety Flinstoneian messes are like beds for your feet? Please. I’m getting blisters just looking at them.

Forever 21, WTF?


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4 Responses to Birkenstock WTF

  1. ID

    Wal mart actually did the same 3-4 years ago. I bought a pair as they looked decent, but yep it was blister galore.

  2. Awww, I like Birkenstocks! I am from Oregon though.

  3. no, no, no!
    i see these and think of a girl version of my roomate in college with blind melon, greatful dead, and lot of black light posters.
    my olfactory has the stench of those shoes stored indefinitely.
    oh the horror.

  4. Jerry

    >I have Burks but I refuse (and mock) Burks and socks. Not at all nrataul (think of the kids) and I am petitioning the Christian Coalition to get News Corp to put it on their national agenda.

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