Bicycle Cat Top



Bicycle Cat Top: $17.80

Sometimes there are none.

Sometimes… you really just have to shut your damn mouth and enjoy the site of a cat with an abnormally large head, dressed in flowy, purple pantaloons and a Victorian era top standing next to an old timey bicycle.

Forever 21, You are Doing Bicycle Cat Top SO Right.


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5 Responses to Bicycle Cat Top

  1. Giselle

    just the thought that someone designed this, and then someone else approved of it, and then someone else actually sewed it onto the shirt…… i can’t.

  2. administrator

    I mean, the illustration. The detail. I kind of need this. I might have to buy it. It’s too good.

  3. Ashley

    I am a girl who has a ton of cat patterned clothes…tees, dress, sweaters…even I would take a pass on this

  4. administrator

    Ashley – why? I wouldn’t wear this, like, in the world, but at home in bed or maybe even just to run and get the mail real quick, yes, for sure.

  5. Amreen

    They also have a lumberjack fox sweater like this. I would’ve snapped a picture, but the salespeople are intimidatingly strict about no pictures.

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