Beaded Woven Vest for Girls

Just when you thought Forever 21 couldn’t find anything else to put beads on.

Just when you thought dressing your children like street performing monkeys has fallen out of style.

They spring THIS bling on you.

Beaded Woven Vest: $16.90

Aside from looking like something Aladdin would wear to the club, this vest is very fashionable…

if you’re a performer in the circus or are otherwise involved in a nomadic,┬ácarny-folk lifestyle where fashion sense takes a backseat to not getting stabbed in your sleep by a large, bearded lady.

Forever 21, WTF?


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6 Responses to Beaded Woven Vest for Girls

  1. patty

    On top of the fact the the vest with all its glorious beads is fucking ugly…the price. Why? Terrible…

  2. I’d rather buy a vintage beaded vest at a thrift store then buy a cheap-looking one from F21!

  3. Jeanne

    They are just getting ahead of the circus-fashi0n trend inspired by Erin Morgenstern’s bestseller THE NIGHT CIRCUS.

  4. administrator

    Jeanne – I haven’t read this book but I’m going to look it up. If it has people wearing bedazzled vests in it, I’m usually going to be a fan.

  5. administrator

    Heather – this beaded vest is also for kids. KIDS! I guess it makes sense, though. Children are more likely to be able to get away with dressing like Apu from Aladdin in their everyday life.

  6. administrator

    patty – you pay for quality! And… sometimes you pay for someone else’s hot tub full of champagne, but that’s not the point!

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