Have you ever been browsing the racks (digital or otherwise) of Forever 21 and seen a garment that made you utter the immortal acronym, WTF?

Me too.

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Forever 21. Most of my closet is comprised of their tasteful, trendy and totally awesome selections. But every now and then, something goes horribly awry.

Here you will find a daily dose of those few misses the awesome clothing manufacturer makes.

And, just FYI, The term “Forever 21″ is a trademark of Forever 21, Inc. This site is not affiliated with Forever 21, Inc.


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  1. Matt

    Hey Stella,
    Shut the fuck up!…..hmmm your right it wasn’t funny, but then again it wasn’t meant to be. This site however address’s the serious lack of accountability of major retailers like Forever 21 or Aldo that feel it is within their rights to knock off any designer they see fit….and it is done with some witty pop culture pizazz. WTF have you done lately?

  2. Andy

    why are you leaving a comment then? if it sucks, why waste your time?

  3. Yolanda

    Stella sounds like a Forever 21 employee… Bitter anyone? Why does F21 care so much about this site? Because everything it says is soooooo true! Truth hurts. Ouch!

  4. I just read your entire blog in a matter of hours and let me just say this is the funniest shit I’ve ever read on a blog! They are so stupid to be tryin to sue you! They should be hiring you as not only an advisor but a writer! They’re idiots to not see the $$$ that I see…

  5. Anonymous

    Totally agree — they are stupid and they should hire her!

  6. Maria

    WTF!!! I looved your site, it made me laugh so much! Keep up the good work! Don´t stop writing

  7. FromEast2West

    You sure are funny. They will try to get you to stop but the bottom line is the People of Walmart still exsists so this pansy ass site you are running will end up sticking around.

    For all of the fun you want to poke and for those employees on here bitching about their jobs go get a new one or better yet why not talk to someone about the person who’s making you miserable on the job to get the issue resolved. Maybe you aren’t smart enough to figure that out.

    I enjoy working for F21. I enjoy making contacts in each department and building friendships. If anyone thinks they have it bad try working in a plastics plant for 14 yrs and have 3 surgeries to fix 2 bad shoulders and a hernia from the physical hell i had to go through. I’m happy to be an employee here and I’m glad to be apart of a company that continues to grow and give people jobs. A lot of malls in the US are probably happy to bring F21 in so they can give 100-200 jobs if not more to the community.

    Keep blogging away. It only brings more people into the store and adds to the bottom dollar. Makes my bank accounr smile.

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  9. Casey J.

    @FromEast2West, nobody is judging Forever 21 employees and their experiences. The issue here is about Freedom of Speech. About this girl having the right to write about whatever she wants without being bullied by a this big corporation. She’s only making fun of Forever 21. Is that such a terrible thing for you and the company at large? Of course not. It’s satire! All you Forever 21 people are surely bitter folks who have no sense of humor. Makes me wonder why, if the job is so great!

  10. Rose

    You. Are. Awesome. And incredibly funny. Wow. I found this site reading Cocoperez.com and I haven’t laughed this hard in a while. Love the videos you add to the story!

    I’m on a boat.

  11. Ann

    You rock! So funny.

  12. This is great I read all the controversy on latimes.com this morning and had to blog about this issue! Your site is great and don’t understand why they cannot take a joke especially when you clearly state more than half your closet holds their clothes! great work!

  13. Anonymous

    you are awesome. do not let their attempt to silence you slow you down.

  14. Freedom of speech!! Totally agree with WTForever21, love the blog, just heard about your through DailyNews
    However, playing devil’s advocate here, WTForever21 did use images off of Forever21′s site, which is copyright infringement.
    Taking your own pictures (to my knowledge) would be ok.
    I shop at Forever21, sometimes there are good finds, other times there are good laughs. There’s no such thing as bad publicity, they should be thanking you. As you said yourself at the huffington post, you shopped there yourself.
    I applaud you and your blog, you are a consumer, you have every right to express your opinions. I support you!!!

  15. I don’t understand why everyone is getting so heated over this. It’s someone’s personal opinion about a clothing store. She isn’t trying to bring down the empire, having admitted she loves a lot of their styles. She is simply pointing out that some of the stuff the store orders is god-awful ass-ugly. And it’s true. I dare someone to walk into F21 and find not a single item that is appalling, figure-destroying or completely dated. But at least there is a wide variety for everyone to choose from. Rest assured that F21 isn’t losing any business over this hilarious, truthful blog.

  16. Hilarious site! Thanks for the laughs!

  17. teapotopera

    Great blog, fight on! Even as I’m laughing, I somehow have an urge to go over to -you-know-where and buy something. Why can’t they accept that as a win?

  18. Jules

    I’m from Canada, and just got back from a shopping weekend in the States. My friend had me all excited about Forever 21; she told me how they have a great plus-size line and how she loves their clothes. When I got there I was shocked, because in the entire section I could not find one thing to try on. The clothes had no shape or style. They were made up of gaudy prints and mismatched colours. No fat girl I know would be caught dead in one piece tube top-pair of shorts combo in a pattern I haven’t seen since the show Blossom. I can’t believe people pay money for this crap! I think I pissed my friend off cause I spent the rest of the time in the store pointing out how ugly everything was (Hot pink skinny jeans? MC hammer pants??). Then today I found out about your site. You are awesome. That is all.

  19. cupcake

    Do not remove your site! Totally bang on and hilarious. Fuck ‘em systa!

  20. Anonymous

    How exactly is the junk sold @ F21 different from the junk WalMart sells? It seems as though both stores have a lot in common, greed, bad attitudes etc.

  21. Anonymous

    If F21 gets it’s “inspirations” from others shouldn’t they be the ones getting sued?

  22. donna

    @stella: she is not an expert nor does she claim to be an expert. she has an opinion. she expresses it. this is all perfectly legit. if you don’t agree with her opinion and/or you don’t think she’s funny you have several options, including: 1. don’t laugh, 2. don’t read the blog, 3. run out to forever21 and buy and wear whatever item she is criticizing to show that dyou disagree and actually love the item. she’s free, you’re free, it’s a free country. wtf?

  23. Jenn

    TMI about your medical problems. Also, I’m pretty sure you don’t make commission on top of your minimum wage income, so why would your “bank accounr smile” if she brings more people into the store.

  24. Cee

    This is a blog. You have the right to write your opinion about their clothes! That’s what blogging is about so they should back off ): Keep the site on! (: ~Saw you and your blog on the news before lol~

  25. Sarah

    I live in the UK and found out about your website from the BUSTline Weekly and have been CHOLing (chuckling out loud) over it ever since. It’s not only the clothes but the models, several of whom are ANTM rejects (or winners…Nicole!), who can’t hide their embarrassment to save their lives! Just brilliant. I have shopped at Forever21 and has seen some horrific outfits, but it’s your commentary that makes it. I hope they don’t shut you down – keep it up and good luck!!

  26. Anonymous

    I think it’s awesome that someone with no talent can use ridicule and a mean girl attitude to find her place in the world. You, my dear, are EXACTLY what’s wrong with 20-somethings – entitled, whiny brats with too much to say and too little thought behind it. Know that older women are your potential future employers and your snide little comments directed toward them will live on the Internet forever. Idiot.

  27. She did credit the images to Forever 21, so I think it’s okay to use them. I like Forever 21 for their prices and some of their pieces but I have definitely seen some, “What the hell?” ensembles.

  28. Sarah

    I think it’s awesome that 20-somethings have a sense of humor, good fashion sense AND a knack for creative writing. Know that there are older women who find what you are doing inventive, witty and entertaining. Keep up the good work!

    Oh and PS – NEVER take seriously the comments left by anyone too cowardly to leave their name.

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  30. Anonymous

    Yup, proud of it

  31. Name

    Gee “Sarah” – what’s so brave about leaving an unassociated name? Might as well sign it Anonymous! lol. How about your full name and email address? Or better yet – link to your Twitter/Facebook and proudly display your support of someone posting profanity-laden reviews! Didn’t think so. What a silly criticism! And anyone who does associate themselves with something like this . . . well I guess they don’t care that employers’ abilities to find everything you do online grows more sophisticated daily. But hey, why worry about that silly stuff, right? ::head smack::

  32. Cassie

    Good luck! Just saw your story on bnet.com this morning. One of the basic rules in media is bad press is good press when it gets people talking about you. I too own some items of clothing from F21, but definitely find myself baffled at some of the items and get a good laugh with my co-shoppers. They should have thanked you! I am sure a good portion of your readers are compelled to go to F21′s website to join in your fun and find some creative items on their own. How much incremental online sales were made due to these extra hits on their website? How many of your readers were made aware of an item that maybe wasn’t for you, but they had to have it. I saw a couple things on your blog that I would purchase and wouldn’t have seen otherwise! The teen market is very finicky – if an authoritative figure tells them not to do something, they will do it in spite. I really hope their media department shakes a finger at their legal department. This could have totally turned into a viral video trend for consumers to find the “best” item in the store and make a video wearing it for example. Again, good luck and keep us posted!

  33. patrice

    im 30 now and have stopped shopping at forever21 since i was 25. Its about time someone spoke up. Forever 21 knocks off designers and the quality is horrible! This store suits the young people who get allowance or have a little after school job, and want to look cute, but if you are over 25 shame on you! i applaud you on having your own opinion and voicing it! Don’t let these people who spout negativity at you drag you down. They need to get over it! They’re obviously upset because that’s probably the only store the can afford to go on shopping sprees in, and feel offended that someone dare insult their tacky clothes.

  34. Anonymous

    Everyone that’s ever googled anything knows that anything your name is attached to online will never be private.

    You sure are worried about the blog author you don’t know and describe as an idiot.

    Also, check out the internet. It’s riddled with the most disgusting things anyone will ever see, if this is the worst of it for you, I don’t really feel bad.


  35. Aja

    I’m nowhere near 40, but I’m way too old to shop at F21. Sorry. It’s just how it goes.

  36. wild

    The employees are not allowed to speak for themselves most likely or have a mind or their own perhaps! The upper management is in turmoil because they most likely have their heads up their bums because they are dog eat dog kind of people and that could be why their employee’s complain. Do some research on the owner’s and the places where these cheap, ugly crap is manufactured and you should be ashamed to buy it!

  37. wild


  38. wild


  39. wild

    I read online that they were being sued for copying designer clothing.

  40. LOVE IT

    Amazing. Your blog is hilarious. What I find disturbing are the people trying to defend forever21′s flaws or people assuming your this horrible person who hates the world becuase your harsh on a clothing brand- freaking trolls who can’t take a joke or never heard of free speech.

  41. Anonymous

    Please consider creating a “WTFCharlotte Russe” blog. :p

  42. emily

    This is great! I totally agree with you, although I shop there regularly, it is quite humorous to browse through the racks sometimes. Some true gems in there! rock on, love the blog, keep it up!

  43. Kitty

    And WTFH&M.

  44. hipsterhater

    WTFH&M sounds genius! the amount of shit you can find there is just beyond me!

  45. Hello, I stumbled on this site from stumbleupon. It is not blog post I would normally read, but I liked your spin on it. Thanks for creating something worth reading!

  46. mEz

    I don’t understand why people get so sensitive over this site when it’s just poking fun at the handful of ridiculous items in a store that has cute(ish) stuff.

    keep bringing the lulz.

  47. Anonymous

    I bought a pair of earrings, a necklace, and a headband from forever 21 some time ago and let me tell ya…you get what you pay for (cheap quality). I was wearing the earrings for maybe a hour or two for the first time. I reach up to my ear and the pin is still in my ear but the actual dangley part broke and fell off. A few days later I was wearing the necklace I’d bought for the first time and had it on for maybe 25 minutes; walked down the stairs and it fell right off my neck. The headband i had worn a few times without any problems until the other day. I was in my bathroom looking for something in a bottom cabinet and it snapped right off my head and fell into the toilet. Needless to say i will never buy accessories from forever 21 again…

  48. Anonymous

    I found this site on CoCo Perez, and I am so glad I did! Everything is so funny, I laugh every time I go on this site

  49. Anonymous

    Sorry to hear all that! Stuff that breaks right after you bought it, bites hard. But, maybe karma was just telling you: Noooooooooooo!! I don’t know why, but karma must’ve had a good reason! Like: If that earring didn’t fall out, something was gonna to come by, get caught on it, and rip your ear off! Or: If the necklace doesn’t go, right then! You’ll accidentally hang yourself on the stair railing! Or: If that headband doesn’t break, you’ll poke your eye out on a bathroom cabinet door corner!….. or maybe it was just cheap crap. XD

  50. TokyoRow

    I became totally addicted to F21 when I lived in Tokyo and there is not a day that goes past I don’t miss browsing for 9 dollar shoes, feather earrings and sequin batwing tops. Le sigh.

    this blog keeps my memories of fresh, creative design alive!

    thanks for the posts and long may it continue.

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