5 Trends from 2011 that Should Leave 2012 Alone

As far as exciting years go for fashion, 2011 was kind of a dud in the trends department.

When 2010, so pregnant with promise, broke its water and gave birth to 80′s harem pant jumpsuits, neon fucking everything, and borderline bigoted “Navajo” trends, it was like checking for all ten toes and fingers on a baby only to find gills, a cloven hoof and little spiked tail instead.

In the probably misguided hope that 2012 will fair better in the fashion department, here’s a list of 5 WTF Trends from 2011 that should be put down this year, in no particular order.

1. Half Sheer/Solid Skirts


Sheer Peasant Skirt: $19.80

Apparently, 2011 was the year your vagina lost its beloved great aunt in a freak boating accident and went into mourning. My condolences.

I blame the rise in popularity of these Frankensteiny, faux Goth, coochie veils on fashion bloggers who went out and photographed themselves living their impossibly fabulous, seemingly jobless lives wearing them.

2. Feathered Jewelry


Vibrant Feather Earrings: $4.80

EARRINGS. Not cat toys, but earrings.



A cat toy.


Honestly, if you wore this trend in 2011 and managed to not get scratched in the face by a cat, you must have Jedi-like reflexes. In which case, I don’t understand why you didn’t use The Force to discover just how bad you looked.

Search your feelings.


You know it to be true.

3. Native and Navajo


Suedette Fringe Arrowhead Top: $17.80

For once, Forever 21 was not the only repeat offender in this unflattering and politically incorrect trend. Native themed clothes and ceremonial medicine bags were trotted out on runways and on racks across the country in what felt like the fashion industries sincerest effort in tasteless irony.

I, for one, happen to think this was all just another ploy on the part of the shadowy and powerful Cat Illuminati to being fringe, yet another of their favorite playthings, back into the world of everyday wear.

5. Jumpsuits and Rompers


Lily Flower Romper: $19.80

These one piece ass snacks that hold the wearer as a naked hostage when they pee we’re so popular in 2011 that Forever 21 gave them their own section in the online catalog.

Well, it was either the popularity of them or an influx of angry emails from people who kept running into them on the site thinking they were cute dresses and wanted them quarantined as a result.

5. Neon/80′s Revival


Long Sleeve Lace Top: $11.80

Admittedly this was the least offensive of the 2011 trends for me but was the most pervasive at the beginning of the year due to the fact that the 80′s revival/neon trend has been persisting for a while.

As cute as this model is, wearing a lace electrical yellow top is not doing her any favors. She looks like she’s wearing Big Bird’s honeymoon lingerie.

Forever 21 and 2011, WTF?


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11 Responses to 5 Trends from 2011 that Should Leave 2012 Alone

  1. Bex

    ONLY 5?! I want more!!!

  2. Jessie

    get ready for it, neon is supposed to be huuuuuge this spring!

  3. administrator

    Very tired of neon. Very.

  4. Diana

    Along with that there’s also the fake cheap leatherwear. Don’t wanna be looking like I just came off the set of The Matrix…Leather is supposed to be for shoes, belts, and every now and then a jacket… That’s IT.

  5. Charles Ranier

    “one piece ass snacks” = WIN
    although could have been worse, overalls could be coming back XP

  6. amadea

    oh rachel, you had me at “Big Bird’s honeymoon lingerie”. i totally agree with reader Diana. the faux leather everything garbage has to stop immediately not because it looks hideous but it puts the poor girl in total skin agony (double the WTF factor)! ugh.

    but in other non-WTF related news, hope you are having a wonderful start to 2012! :)

    p.s. this is my first time commenting.
    p.p.s i’m a reader from the other side of the world! :)

    xx amadea

  7. Anon

    1. – Agree, these are always super hideous, and they just look like they whoever designed/sewed them didn’t finish the lining or something.
    2. – Agree, I was fine with it at first, they were used rather sparingly, then the cat toy jewelry came along.
    3. – SUPER AGREE! This trend is not only terribly offensive but often quite ugly.
    4. – Enh, agree on the rompers, haven’t seen one that doesn’t have a bubble butt, but if the jumpsuit is cut well, which most of F21′s aren’t then no. I never got their functionality or lack thereof tho.
    5. – I don’t mind bright colors, but neon can get annoying. If its bright, non-highlighter marker colors done well, then yes. But neon, like Josh’s collection from Project Runway, hideous, and sometimes surprisingly dumpy looking at times. But yes get ready for neon, it’s coming, sadly.

  8. administrator

    Thanks Amadea! Hope you’re having a wonderful 2012! I’ll keep a look out for pleather on the rise. Shudder.

  9. Elizabeth

    You seriously read my mind, especially with the feathers & native print. I can’t handle anymore of these trends, I just can’t.

  10. I completely agree! The feathers especially.

  11. Showsatrs

    that it’s a huge trend for the summer! Even thoguh I still wear neon during the winters, seen here, this summer I’ll be decked out more often in neons!a0 Want to know where to get some hot

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